YEEP! Engages LockerQuest to help grow open agnostic parcel locker network

YEEP! engages LockerQuest to help grow open agnostic parcel locker network


LockerQuest, the parcel locker location experts, are delighted and extremely proud to support the latest parcel locker brand to enter the UK – the first to be battery powered and carrier-agnostic!

Earlier this week it was announced that the YEEP! parcel locker service is already live across a number of locations, with over 400 lockers anticipated this year, 1000 by Q2 2024 and with further plans to install 10,000 across the entire UK.

LockerQuest has been working with new and existing host partners to identify, survey and support the installation of YEEP! Lockers. In total, LockerQuest has secured 100 contracted live locations with a further 250 locations currently going through the deployment and approvals workflow, with many more coming through the host pipeline.

Jonathan White, CEO of LockerQuest, says: the YEEP! lockers are battery operated and freestanding (no electricity connection or groundworks) making it significantly easier to identify a location to install a locker at a host location. We have been working with train company operators, car park operators and councils to welcome the new parcel collection and returns service into the heart of community. We have committed our services to contract accessible, visible and safe locations to install YEEP! lockers across the UK for use by local residents, commuters and workers.

Noël Shapton, CEO and founding Director at YEEP!, says: “I am thrilled to bring our pioneering parcel delivery solution to the UK. We’re going further and faster and have big ambitions to become the largest, most sustainable agnostic parcel locker network in the UK within a very few years and working with LockerQuest really helps to support our growth plans.”

“The LockerQuest team are very knowledgeable and work closely with the YEEP team to ensure locations are where people live and go. They know what makes a perfect YEEP! location and have provided some excellent places for our lockers to operate.”

Parcel lockers provide many benefits for hosts, not only do they ensure a reduction in emissions and congestion for all, in retail, leisure or hospitality, they also provide additional footfall for the host too.

The YEEP! parcel delivery solution reduces the number of delivery vans on the road, reduces congestion and pollution at busy times and reduces the amount of CO2 per parcel, significantly cutting the carbon footprint associated with conventional door-to-door courier deliveries.

LockerQuest is keen to talk to organisations that have multiple location portfolios where parcel lockers can be installed for everyone’s benefit.

Become a locker Host

If you have space, we would love to talk to you – Landowners, Leaseholders, Managing Agents, Local Authorities and Collaborative Groups. Please click the link below to learn more about how you can generate additional income by becoming a new locker host partner. 

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