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ByBox Lockers

LockerQuest manages commercial space on behalf of ByBox for the installation of lockers which are used by locally based engineers, who collect spare parts for their day’s activities.

ByBox has a total network of over 1,400 battery operated lockers (no power required) and our team has been supporting them since 2020. To date, LockerQuest has helped source a total of 165 locations, totalling over 1,000 metres of lockers.

The size of a locker can range between 3 and 25 metres in length and the size will be determined by the number of engineers stationed at each location. Engineers typically collect from the lockers between 7.30am and 10am Monday to Friday.

The lockers are replenished by a secure dedicated network vehicle throughout the night between 1am and 5am and many locations have key/pin code/lock or fob access.


“LockerQuest is a strategic partner of ByBox and continues to secure excellent locations for our expanding locker network. The team really understands the needs of our in-night distribution network and our clients’ requirements, resulting in perfect network additions. To-date the team has added over 1000 metres of lockers across their host partners! We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with more locations and continued support.”

Andy Crees – Chief Operating Officer ByBox

Is your site suitable?

We work with organisations that have unused or underutilised space across many different industries including; car parking, self-storage, sports clubs, real estate, retail, leisure and local authorities. Each site will need to be within these guidelines:

  • Access 24/7 (Gate entry if closed out of hours)
  • Hard standing and even floor
  • Lighting in the locker area
  • CCTV advantageous
  • No height restrictions
  • Whitelist for specific vehicles if ANPR
  • Away from residential homes

The process we follow:

  • We will visit each site to carry out a survey where the locker will be located, or our hosts provide images in order to make a decision.

  • We agree our standard hosting agreement terms or work with your own if these are suitable.

  • All parties approve the survey.
  • All ongoing communications come through LockerQuest. Ongoing maintenance is provided by ByBox.

  • The installation takes place at an agreed date and the solution goes live.
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